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This blog is my art blog; so I plan to mostly follow other artists with it! Mains/personals/etc generally will get followed by my personal, @fifichatter, but this here is a little call to other artists! I'm ... kinda just going through tags and following as many folks as I can, but if anyone's looking for more artists to follow.... ;)

I mostly draw my own OCs, or Undertale (Read: Mettaton) fanart, but I'm branching out!!

Okay but hear me out. Reading glasses!Karkat

OC Introduction: Suhano Fusaro

This man? Suhano Fusaro, an OC back from 2013. He's a virologist and parsytologist. I am actually trying to involve him into another story again and properly write him instead of only using him in an rp.

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My commissions are OPEN!!!!

bunnbunn -

I finally got my Comms open!

I still like some of the pieces I put as examples

Here's some newer pieces as well:

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I got my graphics tablet today! I did this real quick sketch to test it out and I like it a lot! No suprise, but display tablets are a lot easier to use than ones without screens. There's still going to be some things to get used to though. I never practiced with digital art much before, so I've got a lot of practice ahead of me.

Solarpunk House WIP

doing an isometric house series, all with a kind of 'punk' theme! this one is solarpunk :D

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Twitter is doing the start vs finish meme so. I have worse blue sketches but there would be no point in posting them because they'd be completely incomprehensible so here's this one instead

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Drawing Drea in outfits inspired by my own is my new favorite thing!

Commissions are open!

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Roses are red,

I don't like you,

Get out of my way or I'll cut you in two

So I really like Subnautica. Peepers are my favorite fish from that game. I also really liked Jacksepticeye's play through so I made Sam into a fish as well

chicory -

We should start depicting unicorns as goats and cows as well again.

chicory -

wait were unicorbs ever depicted as pigs because imagine a boar with an enormous fuck you narwhal horn on its forehead that sounds fuckimg terrifying and majestic

cjadewyton -

okay but the potentual behind this is pretty cool

boar unicorn with a boar hunting spear as its horn would be bad af!

gremlin-gal -

*clears throat* moose....with an enormous 'fuck you' horn

squeaky-warrior -

You're welcome.

H. Draw a character in dramatic lighting

Requested by @glamfelix . The character in question is Aragi Tsurugara. He is a danganronpa OC and he's the ultimate Photonswordmaster. As you can tell his originating story is set in a more so futuristic timeline. I have yet to draw his full-body ref but take this so far!

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no context just aziraphale

[ID: a drawing of aziraphale, a person with short curly hair and round glasses, coloured in light brown, against a pale blue background. he's smiling with his eyebrows raised and the words 'OH WORM' are next to him. end id.]

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This is so late--but this was in response to an ask from @monstcrpunk to draw a character in shades of my favorite color--red! This isn't...a particular character. I just experimented!

glamfelix asked:

9, and A for the ask game?

squeaky-warrior -

9. What is a piece of art you are particularly proud of, and what do you like about it?

I really like this one! This was the first time I'd done an outlineless piece digitally, and I also really like the sort of painted look of the shading. (Though it got a little wonky on the boots and neck.)

A. Draw a character in under a minute

This is on OC of mine who wears a mask. Obviously they usually look better but I did this in a minute (It was closer to a minute and two seconds... I admit it I failed... I cheated and failed... /j)

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more style practice with my oc, San~

trying to get reacquainted with the pen tool in photoshop while also taking a break from painting ;o;

i always think about shaving my ocs heads...i think the buzzed look is so charming

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Took me a while to do it, but I got it done, woo~

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My new art blog!

fifidraws -

Hey, folks! It's Felix~ this is going to be my art blog. @glamfelix is still where I'll be reblogging other folks' art and chatting, but I'd love if you give this blog a follow as well to see my new pieces! I'll be reblogging my old stuff that was posted on my other blog, and I will also be taking commissions from this blog!

I'll soon have some more commission info up on a carrd, but for now you can still commission me through the CM!