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ive never drawn a vulture before and very few birds at all in general but this turned out decent actually??

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18th March 2020

i really am vibing with this colour palette thing

it's a shame becaues it still leaves me without a correctly coloured ref

but these are much more interesting to draw

Sunshine Man

What better way to bring back my waterfall content, than to post my latest work that just so happens to be Iri! He's back, and still gorgeous.

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This was not the color scheme I originally had in mind but It Be Like That Sometimes.

A comission I did for @crooked-cosmonaut of his OC Nash! He's a good wereboofer >:O

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Eggshells ch7

Time to face the unavoidable aftermath.

Eggshells is back!!! and I am really excited to get the last few batches of illustrations done because I'm really in the swing of things again

I pivoted halfway through these and decided to go for a more muted colour palette to suit the mood and I really like how it turned out. I get hyped up on vivid colours when I think about "strong" colour palettes a lot and forget that less saturated colours can be just as powerful

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This took me 3 weeks, but I've finally finished my troll lineup!

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egg -


Here’s a quick thing I did for my cute OC Apurva who is studying radiation therapy to fund her scene fix

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eznii -

i know im late to the party love her

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More Lowells feat. Eero!

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welcome to my twisted fe3h self insert oc who is in love with dimitri alexandre blaiddyd

creatorsguild -

Hi and welcome to the Creator's Guild! We have a blog on tumblr as well where we have around 300 followers and we reblog and share tons of content creator's stuff! We have a slight leaning towards visual art, such as traditional and digital art, 3d art, plushies, crafts, and more! but we also want to share original music, cosplay, writing, even roleplay sometimes!

If you're interested in us following and reblogging your stuff please give this a like or leave a comment below and we'll check out your blog!

OC Introduction: Håvard Sangra

Here we have Håvard Sangra! He is the second youngest of the Sangra brothers. His older brothers being Stig and Elias and his younger brother being Vegard. They all come from the Sangra hunting family. His mother died when he was pretty young because of an illness and his father Eirik died in a hunting accident where Elias was involved.

Moooore classwork, though probably the last for now. This was part of a set (and originally animated), but here's the only part I was particularly happy with.


heya! sorry I haven't posted in a little while, been procrastinating :/

But I make sprites! I don't have any dates for these as I don't tend to date my sprites, but I do know I have been working on these for at least a month now, near the end of the bottom row are the most recent stuff

I might post this again later as minor fixes and updates happen :)

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ref sheet commission for a twitter client! ♥


Okay but hear me out. Reading glasses!Karkat

OC Introduction: Suhano Fusaro

This man? Suhano Fusaro, an OC back from 2013. He's a virologist and parsytologist. I am actually trying to involve him into another story again and properly write him instead of only using him in an rp.