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H. Draw a character in dramatic lighting

Requested by @glamfelix . The character in question is Aragi Tsurugara. He is a danganronpa OC and he's the ultimate Photonswordmaster. As you can tell his originating story is set in a more so futuristic timeline. I have yet to draw his full-body ref but take this so far!

OC Introduction: Rin Kurutta

Here we have Rin Kurutta! Or Rinrin! They are a danganronpa OC as well.

Their story is pretty different depending on the time the rp is set in. If it's in our time they are 'just' the cat-Therian from next door because quite frankly they are a cat. When their story is set in the future though they have manipulated genes and their ears and tail are mechanically. There their talent is also being the ultimate genetic engineer and/or transspecies specialist.

To be honest though I am debating currently if they should be an experiment in the story set in this time as well. Either way, they are a cat.