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just a quick doodle of my character Johannes!

Time to Fight

This is another drawing of Cadence! I think I have settled on their outfit but drawing them consistently is still...difficult.

MTT, Again

Just an attempt from an old expression meme!

Sydney's Style

I really felt like drawing an everyday look for Sydney! I forgot that they have a navel piercing, but I'm still pretty pleased overall. Though some of the anatomy is questionable

Punk Sydney

Sydney is also someone who looks different each time I draw them. And it's not just because their style and expression is super fluid lol

But, this is a more punk look for Sydney! And a headshot I'm pretty proud of,


So, I sort of had a human version of Mettaton that I named Camelot, then stuck in a bunch of AUs. They ended up wayyyy different so I tend to not call them a version of Mettaton anymore--the rename was me being like 'okay this just. isn't mtt'

however, I ...still drew the like, facial panels/lines in this soooooo that's just a bit of explanation.


Oh, look! Another version of Mettaton, in a new style! Who woulda thought.


My OC Johannes Angelicus! One of my earliest attempts at digital art lol, but I am very close to this character and this is my best ref for him (that I drew) so it's going up! He's amab and agender (uses he/him tho), is about....32 now, but younger in the drawing, in his 20s. He's from a post apocalyptic world and is very outdoorsy, he's autistic, he's ace and bi. Very family oriented, loves children. His favorite letter is J. His favorite color is orange.

Za the Paladin

And this is Za, once again; my enby elf paladin. Their oath is one of redemption, and they retain their love for the arts and expression as they travel to small towns and hamlets in need of protection; but they also work essentially as a diplomat for larger settlements on the behalf of the people--a people's rights activist of Faerun, essentially.


An old traditional Mettaton! I can never draw him the same way twice rip


I made this for a roleplayin friend! Yes, they played an underfell?swap? I dont know the aus help--Sans.

I don't really know for sure what I was attempting. Mostly this is a style experiment? As well as trying to get better at drawing digitally. If y'all can't tell, i use a mouse lol. Mettaton is usually my base subject for experimental stuff.

Za the Dancer

Za is one of my D&D characters. They're an elf, and a paladin now--but they grew up as a dancer and aspiring bard.


Made for posing! Not for playing! And....hey, at least there's a canon excuse for drawing him sans without arms.

My OC Sydney; genderfluid witch & dancer