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More Lowells feat. Eero!

anyone around here roleplayers? i never got into the tumblr rp scene, but I'm a big time rp nerd and haven't had much place to do so except with some friends in discord. I'd be super into finding folks who like to RP (just about any genre tbh I have OCs that run the gamut) and see about doing that here!

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My OC Johannes Angelicus! One of my earliest attempts at digital art lol, but I am very close to this character and this is my best ref for him (that I drew) so it's going up! He's amab and agender (uses he/him tho), is about....32 now, but younger in the drawing, in his 20s. He's from a post apocalyptic world and is very outdoorsy, he's autistic, he's ace and bi. Very family oriented, loves children. His favorite letter is J. His favorite color is orange.

Time to Fight

This is another drawing of Cadence! I think I have settled on their outfit but drawing them consistently is still...difficult.