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Sketched this out of the blue today. Idk who they are exactly but they are vibing, and they were really fun to draw.

Time to Fight

This is another drawing of Cadence! I think I have settled on their outfit but drawing them consistently is still...difficult.


For my mother this christmas, I did a marker drawing of a bristlecone pine. Earlier this year we went on a trip to see them along with some other sights in the west of the USA, these trees are her favorite. The oldest living non-clonal organisms on the planet! The oldest is over 5000 years old! When we were there, in the shadow of one of the trees, we even saw a couple of tiny tiny baby trees! Being up so high above sea level was wild--this was in October, and there was no snow where we were, but we could see snowy peaks from where we were.

This is my oc Cadence; they're nonbinary, a psychic in a circus, and very, very fond of snails. I will probably be posting more art and writing of them!

Sydney's Style

I really felt like drawing an everyday look for Sydney! I forgot that they have a navel piercing, but I'm still pretty pleased overall. Though some of the anatomy is questionable


Oh, look! Another version of Mettaton, in a new style! Who woulda thought.


An old traditional Mettaton! I can never draw him the same way twice rip

This blog is my art blog; so I plan to mostly follow other artists with it! Mains/personals/etc generally will get followed by my personal, @fifichatter, but this here is a little call to other artists! I'm ... kinda just going through tags and following as many folks as I can, but if anyone's looking for more artists to follow.... ;)

I mostly draw my own OCs, or Undertale (Read: Mettaton) fanart, but I'm branching out!!