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heya! sorry I haven't posted in a little while, been procrastinating :/

But I make sprites! I don't have any dates for these as I don't tend to date my sprites, but I do know I have been working on these for at least a month now, near the end of the bottom row are the most recent stuff

I might post this again later as minor fixes and updates happen :)

MTT, Again

Just an attempt from an old expression meme!


Oh, look! Another version of Mettaton, in a new style! Who woulda thought.

Playnig with brushes at ibis and draw them


An old traditional Mettaton! I can never draw him the same way twice rip


I made this for a roleplayin friend! Yes, they played an underfell?swap? I dont know the aus help--Sans.

I don't really know for sure what I was attempting. Mostly this is a style experiment? As well as trying to get better at drawing digitally. If y'all can't tell, i use a mouse lol. Mettaton is usually my base subject for experimental stuff.


Made for posing! Not for playing! And....hey, at least there's a canon excuse for drawing him sans without arms.